How we source our stock.

We only sell original posters. It's very hard to say how many of these posters remain as they were never intended for sale so those that exist have at some point been rescued from places like old cinemas, theatres or printing houses.

We are both drawn to a similar aesthetic that informs our buying choices. But we also take into account the collectability of the artist, and of that particular poster design.

We source the vast majority of our stock direct from Poland, and carefully research the background and market value of each piece. We will always try to price fairly with affordable pieces to buy alongside rarer, and more valuable, investment pieces.

We have a growing network of private collectors from whom we source pieces, and who we know have further works to sell on request. But there’s nothing more exciting than finding a secret stash that has been hidden in somebody’s attic for years.

We are more than happy to hunt down individual pieces, or works by a particular artist, on request. We can also recommend works if you don’t know exactly what you are after - we believe there’s a Polish poster out there for everyone!