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Hello! Welcome to our online store.

Every Polish poster in our shop is an authentic original vintage piece from Poland. Images show the actual poster for sale, photographed by us.

We weren’t allowed to do it the way they did it in the West, but also we didn’t want to
— Henryk Tomaszewski, pioneer of the Polish School of Posters
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Hello, we are Projekt 26.

We source original mid-century Polish posters from incredible body of graphic art known as the Polish School of Posters (1945-1989).

At the heart of our collection are bold and playful works by some of Poland’s greatest 20th century artists. Printed on beautiful matte paper and bursting with colour, there’s an imperfect charm to every one.

Through Projekt 26 we hope to preserve these ground-breaking works for a new generation and inject a little of their soulful optimism and subversive wit back into the world.

We only a fraction of our Polish poster collection online, so do get in touch if you’d like to see more, or sign up to the newsletter to get the heads up on new stock.

All (Polish) posters should be designed by individual artists who should have freedom of interpretation and artistic expression.
— Ministry for Culture and the Arts, The Polish People's Republic
Polish School of Posters | Projekt 26 | Warsaw Plakaty | Original Vintage Art

The Polish School of Posters.

Produced in a unique moment in history - when posters were one of the only permitted artistic outlets by the ruling Communist state - the Polish School of Posters broke all the design conventions with their highly expressive interpretive style.

After the Second World War, under strict Soviet rule, the Polish People’s Republic suffered great repression and hardship. Yet from there sprang an explosion of creativity which lasted for decades - but peaked during the sixties and seventies when the most collectable posters were designed.

Successive generations of Poland’s greatest artists and graphic designers focussed their talents into the specialist medium of posters. The State relied on this relatively cheap means of propaganda to promote the work of their Ministry of Art & Culture. Key founders of the Polish School of Posters forged a deal that these posters would not be subject to censorship. Indeed, once a poster was commissioned, the State encouraged the artist to create something totally unique.

So, instructed to reject Western values but free from commercial restraints, the artists enjoyed unprecedented creative freedom. The posters are highly original, bold and witty. When you compare the posters to those being produced by Polish artists’ international peers, you can see how ground-breaking they were, and ahead of their time. We want to do all we can to recognise and celebrate the work of these artists - many of whom are sadly no longer alive. This extraordinary art movement is just as important as the French posters of the late 19th and early 20th century, or the Swiss Design - but not nearly enough people know about it!

Projekt 26 store at Mid-Century Modern Show in Haggerston, London

Projekt 26 store at Mid-Century Modern Show in Haggerston, London

Projekt 26 | Bespoke Service | Shop + Source Polish Posters.

If you are based in London and are interested in organising a private viewing of our posters from The Polish School of Posters at your home or business please get in touch. We are always happy to bring a selection of Polish posters to your home so that you can view them in situ.

We also work with interior designers and architects to source for specific projects.

If you are building a collection, or after something for a special reason, we love the challenge of hunting down a specific poster, even if we don’t currently have it in our collection.

And if you’re looking for something for a space but can’t quite decide what would work, we can recommend posters from our collection if you send us images of your wall/room. We can help you find a pair of posters to work together; either by matching artist, size, colour or subject matter.

We only ever recommend buying a Polish poster you truly fall in love with, but we also believe there’s one out there for everyone!


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