Wasilewski, Mieczyslaw | 1989 | Hibiscus Town

Wasilewski, Mieczyslaw | 1989 | Hibiscus Town


Polish B1 size: approx 68 x 98 cms

About Mieczysław Wasilewski

Wasilewski was born on New Year’s Day in Warsaw, 1942. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, under one of the ‘fathers’ of the Polish School of Posters - professor Henryk Tomaszewski. As well as working as a prolific designer he also works as a professor in Graphic Design across the world. He’s received numerous prestigious awards in the field of poster design and editorial graphics.

You can read a beautiful interview with Wasilewski here (he’s a big fan of Banksy!)

“Today, especially in the times of image-dependent civilization, these short, concise visual statements are even more meaningful than before. Today, when we are flooded with visual blabber, it is poster with capital P, I think, that should be the positive carrier of all positive ideas”