Mlodozeniec, Jan | 1981 | Little Liar

Mlodozeniec, Jan | 1981 | Little Liar


This makes us so happy this poster! Klamczucha is a Polish novel by Malgorzaty Musierowicz about a sixteen year old girl Aniela who dreams of acting, and she uses her powers of deception (pretending to be a housekeeper in her boyfriend’s house) to prove what a good actress she is.

Polish B1 size: 67 x 97 cm

About Jan Mlodozeniec

Jan Młodożeniec grew up in a family of artists. He decided to apply to art school on a bit of a whim after serving in the army during the war. He studied under the great master Henryk Tomaszewski and became one of the most prominent members of the Polish School of Posters. His style is very distinct; characterised by naive childlike forms, bold lines, strong colour and a sense of humour. All his letters are painted by hand. He was an outstanding artist who authored more than four hundred posters, book covers, illustrations, and drawings.