Krajewski, Andrzej | 1979 | King of the Gypsies

Krajewski, Andrzej | 1979 | King of the Gypsies


Unusual B1 size piece from our favourite artist ever Andrzej Krajewski. Tits, lips, guns, America - this has pretty much everything Krajewski loved in one incredible poster.

Polish B1 size: 68 x 97 cm

Andrzej Krajewski

One of our all time favourite artists. In the words of his sons '“Andrzej Krajewski was a “larger-than-life figure — a dashing bon-vivant, fount of idiosyncratic outsider wisdom, creative genius, and passionately devoted parent, grandparent and husband. A noted innovator of the Polish School of Posters, Andrzej expressed his bold creative vision in a vast array of media, including paintings, drawings, collage, comics and prose over a 65+ year career spanning several continents and countless mediums of expression”. His first marriage was in 1963 to the equally awesome Maria (Mucha) Ihnatowicz. They had one daughter and during that time they sometimes worked on projects together. Krajewski loved the American culture. He proudly said himself he was the first guy in Poland to be sporting cowboy boots. He moved to just outside New York in the 1980s, where he lived very happily - still working, still entertaining - with his second wife and two sons until he sadly passed away last year.