Ihnatowicz, Maria (Mucha) | 1973 | The Girl with Green Eyes

Ihnatowicz, Maria (Mucha) | 1973 | The Girl with Green Eyes


‘The Girl with Green Eyes’ by Mucha for British film ‘Made’. It’s a collector’s piece with rising value, but that’s not why we love it. It’s also an incredibly awesome surreal and joyful poster, bursting with attitude (and boobs!).

Polish A1 size: 58 x 81 cm

About Mucha

Maria (Mucha) Ihnatowicz studied under Henryk Tomaszewski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, graduating in 1963. She produced dozens of posters over the next two decades and also designed book covers. She has a magical, joyful, painterly style. We absolutely love her.

About Maria ‘Mucha’ Ihnatowicz

Mucha, as she is shown, was born in 1937 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she studied under professor Henryk Tomaszewski - one of the founding fathers of the Polish School of Posters. She graduated in 1963, the same year she married fellow artist Andrzej Krajewski. She specialised in graphics and mainly worked designed book covers and posters. Whilst she and Andrzej were a couple they sometimes designed pieces together. She has won many awards. We love her for her instantly recognisable bold, expressive painterly style and the most beautiful use of colour.