Gorka, Wiktor | 1962 | House Without Windows

Gorka, Wiktor | 1962 | House Without Windows


Get yourself a classic poster by one of the founding fathers of the Polish School of Posters - Wiktor Gorka - designed for a Polish movie.

Polish A1 size: 58 x 84 cm

Wiktor Gorka

Gorka was a highly acclaimed graphic artists and one of the founding fathers of ‘The Polish School of Posters. He was born on 30th November, 1922, in Komorowice (near Bielsko-Biała), and died on 13th February, 2004, in Warsaw.

From the 1950s - 1980s Górka worked with the biggest Polish publishers and film distributors, designing nearly 300 posters, along with book and magazine covers, and logos.

Gorda’s work has been exhibited around the world posters and won numerous awards His most famous work is the poster he designed for cult 1973 movie Cabaret. The dancers’ black stockinged legs come together to form a swastika shape.

From 1970 Gorka travelled to Cuba and then on to Mexico where he taught design at prestigious art schools and continued working as an artist. At Mexico’s 6th International Poster Bienniale in 2000, he received the top award for his contribution to the development of graphic arts in Mexico – the Medalla a la Excelencia José Guadalupe Posada.