We are Sylwia and Harriet, co-founders of Projekt 26

We are Sylwia and Harriet, co-founders of Projekt 26

Originally from the faraway hills of Masuria in Poland and the Kentish downs, we now live near each other on a leafy green hill in south-east London.

Our friendship was cemented when we discovered a shared passion for mid-century art and design over a cup of Sylwia’s incredibly strong tea. We were sitting chatting about how much we both loved her Polish Cyrk poster, when Projekt 26 was born. With our combined knowledge of graphic design and Polish culture it felt like it was meant to be.

The more we learnt about this exceptional era of Polish art, the more we fell in love; not only with the posters, but with the incredible and iconic artists who created them.

We are both drawn to a very similar aesthetic which informs our buying choices; bold, witty and often naively illustrated pieces which have the ability to make us smile. We like to sell posters that we would proudly hang on our own walls. The only downside is parting with them!

We are again living in grey times, but we hope to be able to inject a little bit of colour back into the world with Projekt 26.